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To apply to advertise on the The Australian Christian online newsletter site, please select one of the following options:
Classified Ad Listing
Banner Ad Listing (2 sizes available)

Types of Adverts
Submitting Adverts
Advertising Policy

Types of Adverts

Advertising in The Australian Christian on-line is done both via graphical adverts displayed on all pages of the site and through classified adverts, which are predominantly text.

Graphical Adverts

Graphical adverts occur in two sizes, banner ads and sidebar ads. Both types of advert can be placed so that they either appear permanently on the site, appearing on every page viewed, or appearing randomly on pages viewed as part of a "pool" of similar adverts. Naturally, permanent adverts attract a premium due to their being present on every page viewed.

See also: Submitting adverts.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high. There is only one permanent position available, situated at the centre top of each page viewed. Other banner adverts appear at the bottom centre of each page displayed. The ad selected for the bottom position when a page is displayed is chosen on a completely random basis.

Sidebar Ads

Sidebar ads are 100 pixels wide by 120 pixels high. All sidebar adverts are placed in the right-hand sidebar of the site. As the name implies, permanent sidebar adverts appear every time a page is displayed. Other sidebar adverts are displayed on a purely random basis.


Classified adverts predominantly contain text. Classifieds are entered with a title under the appropriate heading. Classifieds are charged at a flat rate per month, regardless of the number of words. Advertisers are cautioned, however, that excess verbiage is not always advantageous in communicating to your customers. Often, a brief, to the point message indicating where further information may be obtained is much better than a lengthy discourse which includes every possible piece of information.

Classified adverts can include graphics, such as company logos or photographs of items for sale. However, as this involves extra manual processing by our staff, an additional per-image charge will apply. See the pricing table.

See also: Submitting adverts.


Advert Type Cost Per Month
Permanent Banner $360.00
Banner $120.00
Permanent Sidebar $120.00
Sidebar $60.00
Classified $50.00
Classified Images $15.00 per image
(in addition to basic classified charge).

All prices listed above include GST if applicable. Churches of Christ National Media and Communications, publisher of The Australian Christian is a registered GST supplier. ABN: 28 109 312 507.

Submitting Adverts

Method of Submission

All adverts are submitted via the relevant page on our web site:
Graphical advert submission form
Classified advert submission form

Graphical Adverts

Graphics can be submitted as JPEG, GIF, PNG or PhotoShop files via the web form. They should be sized appropriately. The link to which a click on the advert leads plus publication details (advert type: permanent or regular; editions/frequency of publication) must also be specified when submitting the advert.

It is important that the correct format be used for the graphic. Photoshop files will be converted to the appropriate type by staff. PNG is a good all-round choice. PNG also allows for transparency in an image. If an ad has only a few colours in large blocks, then GIF is appropriate. GIF too allows transparency. If many colours are used, as in photos, then JPEG is best, however JPEG does not permit transparency.


Classified adverts may be typed directly into the web form. If the document is long or even if you simply prefer, you may even cut and past from your favourite word processor. (Highlight the text in your word processor, select Copy from the Edit menu. Place the cursor in the appropriate field on the web form and select Paste from the Edit menu of the web browser.

You will need to specify both a heading (title) for the advert and the classification under which it is to be displayed (e.g. Positions Vacant, Weddings, Births). The classification may be adjusted by staff for consistency.

Advertising Policy

Neither this document or an written or verbal quotation represents an offer to publish advertising. The Australian Christian reserves the right to refuse or withdraw from publication any advertising at any time, without giving reasons (even if the advertising had been previously published by us).

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