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Daring To Dip Beneath The Surface
By : Kristen Hobby
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We often live our lives on the surface. Daily we are asked “How are you?” and we normally reply “Good, thanks.” But are we really good or has that become the accepted answer? What happens when you reply truthfully to this question when asked by someone in a shop or on the phone? "Well, actually today I am feeling a little down or a little tired or I am feeling quite anxious." What normally happens is a polite pause and the conversation then returns to the mundane act of buying groceries or whatever other activity you were engaged in. Occasionally, these truthful replies are met with grace, the person understands your weariness or anxiety and shares a little of their life. I often wonder if we were all to respond with honesty when asked what might society look like?

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Comments / Feedback
Bob Garbett
Iv'e attempted this sort of honesty in Church with very interesting results! the usuall questions one get's are; how was your week? how is your family? how is your Job? This is OK if you are new to a Church but after a few years you get a little tired of this.
I had the great advantage of finding my faith in a twelve-step-fellowship where brutal honesty is the only theme, this of course is just the opposite of the stuff that passes for fellowship in Church.Its challenging but also very rewarding to sometimes wear 'your heart on your sleeve' everybody should try it! its worth the effort.

Regards Bob

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