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Dreaming 2008: Think Globally, Act Locally
By : Ian Smith (Thornbury, Vic)
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I wonder… As I write this article, we as a nation are dwelling in the afterglow of what seems a miracle – not 12 months ago it appeared impossible that reconciliation was ever going to be tackled, with many voices clambering to be heard, yet often not! – and, here we are, having begun the journey afresh… this begs the question what else might 2008 bring? Let me dream … I have a deep yearning to see the Church of our Lord begin to address the issues of openness and inclusiveness.

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Comments / Feedback
Ana & Tod Gobledale
Ian, you write, "The gift of being able to hear another’s story, and sense the Divine within it that can be both celebrated and learnt from, is one of the greatest gifts we can offer each other." How wonderfully you and Clive Ward demonstrated this ability to listen and hear the Divine in the story of Sir Douglas Nicholls! Thank you both for your vision and persistance that resulted in an awe-some gift to the Nicholls family, the CCTC community and the Churches of Christ in Australia -- the gift of the September 2007 celebration of the life and witness of Sir Doug. We have shared and celebrated your vision and efforts with numerous churches throughout the USA. Thank you. Ana & Tod

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