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Editorial: What's Going On With National Media?
By : Craig Brown
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Obviously, the National Council announcement put on The Australian Christian website on Monday has significant ramifications. There are always questions at times like these: What went wrong? Who is to blame? What is the future for communications in Churches of Christ? There are also numerous details that need to be worked out and communicated to those who are involved in the ministry of The Australian Christian. If you will allow me some space, I will try and address some of these issues. Of all the Federal departments, we have always been the most vulnerable. We owned no property. Our finances have always been stretched. I remember starting in my role as National Director/editor and hearing stories of the great Alf White using pencils right down to their stub in order to save money. Added to this are the combined factors of dwindling subscriptions, an aging supporter base and the rise of other methods of communication. This is not to say that as a department we have not made mistakes. We have. It is just that we did not have the leeway of some other institutions to recover.

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Comments / Feedback
Scott Vawser
Well done Craig, you have pushed on through! I only started reading the AC properly when it went on line, so I appreciate your efforts in the technological side of it all.
Hope to still connect with you through some means...some blog somewhere, who knows maybe even face to face!
Thanks to all those people who have regularly contributed articles and comments along the way, I have enjoyed reading your thoughts and insights!
Peter Alfred Pitts
I have been reading the AC for 50 years or so and it has always been in trouble for lack of funds. The change to the net took a little getting used to, but available and enjoyable, and thanks to you for that. It will be interesting to see the new way of communicating for our Churches, it is always hard to come to agreement on such stuff.
It was good to have Mark Butler's explanation as it is the first I have seen on the subject, and well overdue. The Lord's blessing to you for your future, thanks again, and we look forward anxiously and optimistically to the new forms of communication.

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