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Updated National Council Statement: Constitution And National Media
By : Craig Brown
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Following extensive research and consultation, National Council agreed to a new shape for the work of national Churches of Christ at its recent meeting in Sydney. The primary role of the new Council will be to facilitate communication, collaboration and networking between local congregations, agencies and State Conference bodies. Regular forums will be held to promote and maintain our national identity. A new constitution for what will be known as the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in Australia (Ltd) is being sent to all State governing bodies for their approval. The new Federal Council will be set up as a ‘limited company’ to provide an appropriate, nationally recognised legal framework for the new entity. It is planned that this new shape for Churches of Christ nationally will be implemented from July 1, 2008.

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Comments / Feedback
Peter Alfred Pitts
Having just read about this it has stunned me as I consider that there should have been much more discussion and or notice of intent to change things to this extent. I can't see who the members are of this Council, as it refers me to Clause 7 and I can't see one.

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