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Child Minding vs Children’s Ministry (part 1)
By : Darren Jenkins (Director: Children's Ministry, Vic/Tas)
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I was speaking to a group of children’s ministry workers recently at a conference and I asked them to consider who was a person who had made a significant impact in their life when they were a child. It got me thinking about what it takes to have a positive influence on my children, and what does it take for them to want to be influenced by me. For me it starts by respecting and appreciating them for who they are and what they bring to our family unit. Just as important, if not even more is that they need to feel totally safe and protected. This is imperative, and crucial to their development and growth. It can often be little things that we don’t even recognise that weigh heavily on their minds.

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Bhimrao Thavare
It's a wonderful and thought provoking article on children's ministry. One has to reduce oneself in order to understand the little ones in relation to minister them...yes, our future church leaders.

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