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When Will We Ever Learn?
By : Richard Lawton
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Why in 2008 is violence still dominant in our world? When will we ever learn? Barry Hall in a football match is at the trivial end of the spectrum, but is a symptom of much that is wrong across the world. British journalist Robert Fisk has lived in the Middle East for nearly 30 years and has covered conflict almost non-stop through his career: Northern Ireland, the Balkans, but especially the Middle East. In Adelaide, March 2006, he gave the best lecture I have ever heard, rivetting in presentation and head-shaking in content. His book The Great War For Civilisation: The Conquest Of The Middle East (1300 pages) is almost as rivetting as his lecture was, but leaves the question, What do I do with it?

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Comments / Feedback
Jim Reiher
Thank you Richard for pricking our consciences and raising one of those "hot potato" issues we should be willing to grapple with. Jesus taught "blessed are the peacemakers" "love your enemies" and "do good to those who harm you". Paul too repeats the teaching. And yet Christ's followers all too often forget it or ignore it. In the midst of our complex fears and longings (often generated or exasperated by governments and media for their own reasons), we develop rationales that allow us to have a cold heart to the plight of many suffering under violence. And as a nation we even participate in and support such evil. Thanks for jolting us - even if just for a moment. I hope the discomfort I feel stays with me.

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