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Myths About Forgiveness
By : Ron Buckland (Montrose - Vic)
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Family life provides a great setting for learning relational skills. Unless your family experience was totally different to mine, forgiveness was one of those skills. When you live “up close and personal” with people, things are said, and things happen, that cry out for the exercise of forgiveness. It is one of the lifetime skills we hope to teach our children, partly by modelling it in our parenting and in the toing and froing of the wider family (both the biological and the ecclesiastical ones). One of the stumbling blocks that works against the development of healthy forgiveness skills in our children is the presence of some myths about forgiveness: myths that need to be exposed and expelled.

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Comments / Feedback
Geoffrey Keeler
Myths About Forgiveness.
Thank you Ron dor your comments.
Having been rejected by the Eldership of two congregations since coming to Queensland, it has been my experience that I have been able to'forgive' them because I understand, like Jesus, 'that they know not what
they do.' Being set in their ways, they demanded that I, too must agree with them and change my way of thinking to fit theirs! This I refused to do, so had to go. I pass the house of one of them at least twice a month, so send up a prayer of blessing each time. When we do meet, it is always with amiability on both sides.
Geoff Keeler.

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