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Dangerous Enjoyment
By : Alan Hermann (Pine Rivers CofC, Qld)
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I am in my twenty second year of paid Christian ministry and I love it and therein lies my danger. I enjoy ministry. It is not like work to me. I can’t wait to get started in the morning and too often tend to regard sleep at night as an unwelcome interruption. There is probably not too much wrong with this attitude so long as we have safeguards in place and mine were obviously inadequate. Surely, I thought, it must be all good?

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Paul Graham Fricker
After my wife had been involved in a major MVA, I booked a series of events that were take us both out of ministry for about four hours without no contact via any electronic devise. I called it my "red dot night". While she was recovering my ministry suffered some which uktimately led to the church I was serving not renewing my contract. One of the best pieces of advise I ever received was from a doctor after I went into acute depression when this information was relayed to me second hand and told that I was too old for the church (57). She said "grab a good book, find a quite place, and gel". We continue in ministry (I'm now 65) and look forward to God's blessings as we both seek his will for a continuing ministry where ever He will lead us.

Paul Fricker

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