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Heartsong: My Spiritual Journey
By : Linda Young (Southern Community)
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Why was the God of the Old Testament so different to the God of the New Testament? And why is the church not as accepting of the minority groups as Jesus was? And what about all those people who never heard about Jesus are they going to hell because they were not in the right place at the right time? And what about Gandhi who admired Jesus and used similar principles to Jesus, but did not believe in Jesus as Messiah? And what about all those people born before Jesus are they all going to end up in hell too? These are the type of questions that worried me sick! Id think about the responsibility I somehow seemed to be burdened with by God to preach to my friends and family. The notion that whether I did a good enough job or not in preaching to them meant theyd end up in heaven or hell! It truly made me feel physically ill!

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Comments / Feedback
Geoffrey Keeler
Thank you Linda for your article. Being one who has 'suffered' at the hands of those who insist that I must follow their path or else, I couldn't agree more. Like you, I had set ideas about God and His Word but as I got older, I began to doubt my faith. Not being abel to go to college full time, I took a course with the local Anglicans and ultimately gained an Associate's doploma inTheology! People have criticised it because it is Anglican...
I was also priveleged to sit under the ministry of E.L.Williams for a while and counted him a friend while I knew him. The Diploma course did not change what had become my way of thinking about God but, as far as I was concerned, strengthened my understanding of the truth as had begun to see it. Since coming to
Queensland I have been rejected by two congregation leaderships because I refused to change my ways! I thank God for the C of C fellowship with whom I worship now for their willingness to acept Campbell's assertion 'that no believer whould be obliged to accept implied doctirne.' There is an awful lot of that going around!
Geoff Keeler.
Ana Gobledale
Quite an affirmation of Churches of Christ Theological College!
John Williamson
Thanks Linda for expressing the song so clearly here. Your journey and exploration is an encouragement to me and, I'm sure, others.

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