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Israel’s 60th Birthday: A Cause For Celebration?
By : Kevin Bray (Ainslie CofC)
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Yad Vashem is Israel’s shrine to the victims of the Holocaust. With the exception of a few – including, reportedly, Iran’s President - whose denial of the Holocaust is as contemptible as their denial of Israel’s right to exist - the world rightly recognises it as a heinous collective crime against humanity. I have visited Yad Vashem twice and wept each time. Few places anywhere are more sombre. There, in graphic detail, are portrayed, among unimaginable horrors, the Warsaw Ghetto, denial of human rights, confiscation of property, poverty, illness, disenfranchisement, dehumanisation, brutalisation and the genocide of six million Jews. Never Again rings true to all who visit Yad Vashem.

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Comments / Feedback
Blythe Mann
Interested in the Palestinian perspective?
On Tuesday, May 13, at 11:45 pm, SBS Television is showing the half-hour documentary, "I Remember 1948", to mark the 60th Anniversary of what is known by Palestinians as "Al Nakba" or "the catastrophe" - when three quarters of a million people fled for their lives, never to return. It is suitable for people from upper primary age to adults.
Gareth Williams
Kevin, thanks for this article. It's worrying that we support Israel so blindly, whilst ignoring the pain and suffering of millions of people.
Is it because they are muslims (though there are a proportion of Christians living in Palestine) and not from our lineage?
I agree that nothing can justify suicide bombers and the like, yet we don't view the issues equally.
Blythe Mann
Australia ... strongly supported Israel, ... partly because the alternative was wholesale resettlement of millions of Jewish refugees in countries such as Australia (which, to our shame, was viewed with alarm), and partly due to a genuine recognition of Jews’ right to a homeland.
What right did the 'rest of the world' have to give the Jews the Palestinians' home land?
Does Israel 'have a right to exist' in someone else's homeland?
John Somerville
I hope you will send a copy of this to Rudd, Nelson and Smith.
Kevin and Gwenyth Bray
Blythe and Gareth ask important, difficult questions. In large part, our "collective ignorance" leads us to give greater credence to the "louder, better organised (Zionist) voice" than to the (Palestinian) "other". Former Israeli Prime Minister, Golda Meir, is reported to have said in answer to a question about the rights of the Palestinians, "Palestinians, what Palestinians?" Zionists have a catch cry to justify their occupation of the land where (Palestinian) Arabs have lived for centuries. They describe it as "A land without people for a people without land". For a current Joint Declaration by Christian Leaders on Israel's 60th Anniversary, including several of the Australian church leaders who visited Palestine and Israel in December 2007 (including Merrill Kitchen and me from Churches of Christ in Australia) see

Kevin Bray

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