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A Generation Of Justice Seekers
By : Mark Riessen (Blackwood Church of Christ )
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No matter how you read the Gospels there is a theme that rings loud and clear. It is a theme that echoes throughout the history of the people of Israel. Our call is to seek justice in the face of injustice, fairness and mercy where there is oppression, to be concerned for the other, to love God passionately, and love others just as much as we would love ourselves. I once had someone take issue with my ‘narrow minded theology’ and ecclesiology by saying to me, “what if we don’t want to be a missional church?” Another quite confidently said, “We’re quite happy as we are without you pushing us to do mission”. I must say I was surprised to say the least, disturbed and confronted. The voice that screamed out in my head cried, “Is there any other kind of church we are called to be?!”

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Comments / Feedback
Ash Barker
Thanks for your passion Mark and for seeing the issues so clearly. I too beleive we can be this generation and we can real change happen both inside and outside the church. We do have a very long way to go though and need every-one's contribution. Thank you for yours brother!
Alan Matheson
Appreciate the thoughts Mark.The puzzling question for me is why can't our churches and conferences "hit the pause button"?
Why is it in my own state,Victoria,our conference departments are showing more than a million dollar surpluses,yet our Social Justce Network,continues to be unfunded?
Why in the past couple of years has our conference spent just over $2000 on Aboriginal mission and ministry?
Why are all of the strategies in our new national constitution,have to do with promoting,defending,fostering positive images,of ourselves,but not a word about "the preferentail option for the poor" and the Gospel demand for justice?
The why question is the hard one.

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