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Dampening The Powder Keg
By : Richard Lawton
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The powder keg of Israel and Palestine seemingly has no solution. Two major groupings have long attachment to the same land; each wants it, neither ready to cede much ground. For decades, USA presidents have sought to bring the parties together to solve the problem and, cynically, be the one who brought it about. Jimmy Carter has just had another go. Even George W Bush would love to pull it off before leaving office. It seems insoluble. But so for most of my lifetime did Northern Ireland, South Africa and the Iron Curtain. Suddenly the back of each of those divisions was broken. Will this one be next? Several recent writers in this journal have referred to this year’s 60th anniversary of the modern State of Israel, a celebration for most Israeli and cause for lament by most Palestinians, as controversial as celebrating the settlement of Australia by the English.

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Comments / Feedback
Gareth Williams
Great article Richard.
I wonder if our eschatology could be viewed in the same light as the Jews expecting a Messiah who would bring dominion and freedom to them.
Geoffrey Keeler
Dampening the powder Keg.
Who did the British and their allies think they were in establishing the refugee Jews in Palestine in the first instance. If the stories are true, the Jews were put there by force and left to fend for themselves. Did our leaders believe they were instruments of God in so doing? It has been said that they might have well been given a chunk of Australia - W.A. or Qld or some chunk of South America but don't let them all in to UK or America! We've taken our quota already! It seems to me, looking back, that we were over optimistic that God was on our side and we had nothing else to do except dump them there. History tells that in the first place, they too invaded Canaan and wrested it from the heathen in God's name. Islam, later did the same to what appers to have been a Palestine deserted by Jews for one reason or another. Was that, also, the Will of God? We all hope that things will settle down eventually. Each mediator believing in Blessed are the peacemakers. Or is it just big business? Perhaps I am a cynic in my old age!

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