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Why Pastors Are Watching Gordon Ramsey
By : Michael Bullard (WA)
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I have a confession to make. I regularly watch Kitchen Nightmares with Gordon Ramsey. I donít imitate his language nor his manner (at least I try not to). But there is something about this guy. He has an amazing ability to go into a struggling restaurant situation and give some keys as to how it can be turned around. Gordon Ramsey has a number of successful restaurants around the world. They are located in different cities and serve different food (French, Italian, British, etc.). This guy knows something about restaurants. Iím not alone. Iíve asked in a clandestine way of other pastors around the place. And some of them are watching it too. And they are feeling inspired.

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Comments / Feedback
Steve Slade
Nicely put Michael
Keith Ridge
Sorry Michael, Maybe I am getting a bit old, but this sounds like another 'retailing religion' formula from the good old days of "Church Growth".
Selling food for the body is not the same as discovering 'the food that lasts'.
I wonder whether pastors and church leaders might be better served by spending more time taking a good close look at Jesus and listening deep to the prompting of the Holy Spirit in their local context of mission rather than seeking guidance via a TV chef or from a business based church growth guru in America. Begin with Jesus for He is the Lord of your Church! See Matt 16.18.
Serena Normoyle
It would be interesting to see a Gordon Ramsey for churches. How much would they church change or stay the same if there was that much accountability.
Blake Moore
Hey Michael,

I'm sure you would agree that we should begin with Jesus, ofcourse He is the head of the church and our ultimate source of guidance, strength and wisdom, I agree that there are many things 'the church' can learn from examples of leadership in the business world, Kitchen Nightmares just being one of them! Church growth comes when a church is healthy, because healthy things grow and one of the major factors in that becoming a reality in a local church is good leadership. We glean leadership principles from Jesus Christ, The Apostle Paul, John Maxwell and hey maybe even Gordon Ramsey!!

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