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Please, Sir, Can I Have Some More?
By : Richard Lawton
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As light follows day, the round of Federal and State budgets has been followed by screams from those who feel hard-done-by and by those who believe that the budgets have ignored special interest groups or not treated them well enough. Im more inclined to take notice of the latter, although most critics seem to assume that the funding pot is bottomless. In South Australia, for example, a massive infrastructure scheme was introduced, but critics want to know why this, that and the other are not also included at the same time. Im even more inclined to take notice of those who question priorities.

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Comments / Feedback
Janet Thompson
Thank you Richard. I had begun to wonder if I was the only pensioner who was not annoyed at being "passed over" in the Budget.
Yes, life has to be trimmed to fit when the ability and opportunity to earn a salary are no longer available. Yes, it is difficult to manage on a smaller income when the prices of everyday items keep rising. I lived with a touch of luxury for a while, and enjoyed not having to worry about paying bills. It would be amazingly easy to settle in to this pattern of a pressure-free life.
And yet, I wonder if it would be that simple.
The things that have upset my equilibrium the most over the years have not been money-related --- in fact, an endless supply of money would have done nothing to help me through these times. As I have grown older, I have been making the joyful discovery that I need less money and fewer possessions than ever before in my life.
We all have wish lists, but are we losing sight of reality as advertising tempts us? Why are we more moved by our own lack of the latest innovation than we are by global poverty and disaster?
Actually, I feel a bit guilty at how well-off I am on a global scale. How lucky am I to live in a country that gives me an income when I no longer have one, and pays my medical bills ... and gives me a bonus every now and then?
This is wealth ... to be counted, not in dollars, but in the taking on and maintaining a policy of care and support. Jesus taught that caring for people and supporting them was a good way to build and enrich community ... but nobody said we were entitled to the privilege!

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