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Heads Of Churches Statement On Palestine And Israel
By : Heads of Australian Churches
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"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God." It's time for the Australian Government to shift gear on Palestine and Israel. It's time for Australia to become much more active in the cause of peace in the Holy Land. In this week of International Church Action for Peace in Palestine and Israel, we Australian church leaders call on our Government to give much higher priority to working for peace in the Holy Land. The people of Israel and Palestine desperately need and want peace. The world desperately needs peace in the Holy Land. Palestinians have suffered 60 years of dispossession, 41 years of military occupation, land confiscation and illegal settlements, and thousands of violent deaths. Israelis have suffered 60 years of armed hostilities and constant threats, scores of suicide bombings and rocket attacks, and thousands of violent deaths.

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Kevin and Gwenyth Bray
Readers will be interested to know that this Statement was endorsed by nearly all the Heads of Churches in Australia, including Dick Menteith on our behalf, as well as Tim Costello for World Vision Australia. In total, over 50 Christian leaders in Australia endorsed the Statement. The Statement was accompanied by a Kit of factual and reflective information, including a prayer for peace from the Jerusalem Churches. Copies of the Statement and the Kit may be obtained for personal or congregational use from me, as a basis for ongoing prayer and reflection. Email me at, or call 02 6251 2087.

Kevin Bray

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