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Children: Our Greatest Challenge?
By : Craig Brown
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I have thought long and hard about a final contribution under “Family Matters”. I am supposed to know something about ministry with children, so what would I want to say to the churches, and to parents, about kids? Last month I focused on parenting, and the challenge involved in raising only “nice children”, who would get “chewed up” by the wider society unless we build in thoughtful spiritual resilience. Is there any particular aspect of that wider society that is the greatest danger to our kids? I think so, and the book “Consuming Innocence”, by Karen Brooks (University of Queensland Press, 2008) provides a penetrating analysis of it. This is a book about popular culture, especially the electronic culture, and our kids. And this is an Aussie book! We don’t have to keep translating comments about other cultures and wonder if they apply here. A comment on the back cover focuses our attention: “What has more influence over your children: Paris Hilton, The Simpsons, Facebook, mobile phones, trendy brands, sexy media messages …. or you?”

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