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The Great Juggling Act
By : Nina Gordon
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I am twenty-one, have been married for a little over three months and “The Great Juggling Act” has been the topic of many conversations. My church has seen four couples get married in the last eight months and it seems a major acclimatisation for many newly weds to their new life, living with their husbands in harmony, compromising and balancing everyday life and the new responsibilities that come with it. My life is very busy, working takes up four days, studying for a Counselling degree takes up one whole day and another night, being committed to a youth ministry which includes organising and running a fortnightly small group, and occasionally organising and running a Friday night youth program and talk. My husband David and I also attend another fortnightly small group, are on two music teams and head up the ministry of a smaller sister church every two weeks which can include worship leading, communion and preaching. Plus there is the new found housework, which seems to pile up if left unattended for several days straight, the extra time you have to make to spend with your spouse to keep your marriage alive and the all important quiet time with God. I often feel like I am too young for all this new responsibility.

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