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Update - 47,977 and counting!
By : Don Smith
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Our May on-line presentation is being prepared on Friday 28 April, hence I am the writer for the last time. Next Monday morning we look forward to welcoming Craig Brown to our office in his new role as editor. Within a few days I am looking forward to quietly slipping away to leave Craig with all the responsibilities of a managing editor. We thank you all for your patience this year in what has been a somewhat drawn out process of establishing The Australian Christian on-line. The process has been quite demanding with some unanticipated delays. The site is now operational and subscribers are progressively being added. New subscribers can click on the log-in tab on our home page. We invite you to speak to others about our new look and invite them to consider subscribing. Word of mouth promotion will be vital for us as we embark on our new journey. Think of someone you know and mention the "AC" to them. As we move beyond this transition phase you may expect innovation, new features and a lots more with our new editor. I am really looking forward to reading about the news directions and stimulating content. I am sure that Craig will welcome your ideas and comment. This is an historic time for us as readers. Our journey from 1898 has been a long and proud one and this change says something about our corporate ability to face new challenges and change in a positive spirit. At a personal level I am proud to have been associated with a group leaders who have been willing to grapple with challenges and change. Thanks again for all your personal support and the numerous appreciative comments received in recent weeks. Finally we have been astounded by the number of 'hits' on our site. We have had 47,977 article hits to date. This is an average of just over 1,000 users per month who visit some 15 articles each time This is a great beginning on which to build in the coming year. You can be best our best advocate! Don Smith

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