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Just Wild About Michael Duncan's "Wild Ones"
By : Craig Brown
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Over the past year or so I have asked myself the question. "Why did the church hijack Jesus?" When did Jesus become a right wing conservative who was all about stability and traditional values, who was so meek that the only boat rocking he did was when he was caught in a storm on Lake Galilee? That's the conclusion you would make about Jesus if all the evidence you had was the bulk of the modern day church. As you read the gospels - indeed, beyond that - you find a God who is portrayed in confronting terms. As Michael Duncan (author, missionary and lecturer) writes in his new book, Wild Ones: "As I mix it with Christians, I find myself urging them to become a tad naughty. That's not a licence to immorality...but a challenge to step out of the mould, to launch into the deep, to live heroically and write dangerous stories with their lives; to be fools for Jesus" (pg 13). Duncan's point throughout Wild Ones is well made: We only get to live once so why not be daring and different and bring the wildness in from the wilderness? (pg 84).

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