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Q & A with Michael Duncan (part 1)
By : Craig Brown
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Mick Duncan is a missionary, lecturer, author and - based on my meeting with him - one heck of an interesting, godly man! His latest book (Wild Ones: UNOH Publications, 2006) is a powerful insight into what it means to be a disciple of Jesus in a church setting that so often settles for the "land of the bland" rather than the wild side of faith. This is the first of a two part interview with Mick. He'll be back in Australia for UNOH's SURRENDER: 06 conference (August 25th - 27th). CB: You're not a prolific author. What prompted you to write Wild Ones? MD: It's really come out of the last ten years, out of my own struggles, but it's also come out of ten years of reworking the material. A good book comes from the head but also from the streets. The initial heartbeat of it was that there are people in our world who are somewhat "off centre", somewhat eccentric, somewhat unique. Yet it seems to me that they get pushed to the margins in our churches. In my reading of the Scriptures it's not just the nice ones that should make it into the centre, but also the wild ones.

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