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Local Churches Partner Leprosy Colonies
By : Glyn Jenkins (WA State WorldChangers Facilitator)
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What were representatives from three WA churches doing going off to Thailand? Were they on a church sponsored holiday? Was this taking the idea of churches working together a bit far? When you consider that two people came from Bhutan, two came from Hong Kong, two came from Albany and four came from Perth, there was obviously something different happening what was it? Well, they were meeting in Bangkok to check out whether to become involved in the Thai-WA project, a ministry in Thailand being developed by COCWA with the Oversas Missions Board (OMB) being at the forefront of the organisation.

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Comments / Feedback
Keith Skillicorn
Dear Glyn,

Ruth and I were excited to read of our W.A. churches' desire to share in the sufferings of leprosy patients. Many of our friends in India and Bangladesh are victims of leprosy and we know just how much they appreciate compassionate Christian Love. These unfortunate people have a very special need and those who seek to serve them should become familiar with every aspect of Hansen's Disease and the devastation it causes. We suggest that all those seeking to serve in this regard, access our Forum on leprosy at :-

Ruth and Keith Skillicorn

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