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Update for July: Leaping Obstacles and Hitting Others!
By : Craig Brown
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Well, I'm pleased to report that for this month's update there has been NO medical emergency in my household. Our newest addition, Aden, is doing very well and seems to be getting the hang of sleeping, so we are not as sleep deprived as I feared we might be. However, i suspect that you haven't logged on to hear about moi. You want to know how the new incarnation of the AC is going, right? Let's say that July wasn't a fun month. As many of you know, we lost three days (and a bit!) when our ADSL connection went down. We're also beginning to identify and rectify situations that have arisen from the changeover from print to online - one of them being the fact that many previous subscribers paid up in advance and so are now owed a refund, which may or may not put a dent in our finances. We would appreciate your prayers and continued support for the AC as it continues to transform into what it will be...

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