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Q & A with Jim Reiher
By : Craig Brown
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Jim Reiher is a senior lecturer at Tabor College in Melbourne, author of the acclaimed The Eye of the Needle, and a panelist at the upcoming UNOH conference, Surrender: 06. Oh, did I mention that he was running as an Upper House candidate for the Greens in the Victorian election in November? Now, let's be honest. When you read "Green", didn't you imagine a group of tree-hugging gay activists with long hair? And beads...Well, it might be time to smash a stereotype or three. The Australian Christian sat down with Jim Reiher the other day and found a passionate and articulate follower of Jesus trying to make a difference... CB: You ran for the Greens in the 2004 election in the Lower House seat of Holt (Vic). So what's prompted you to run then and to run again now? JR: I've been involved in the Greens as a signed up member and and an active branch member for four years, and two years into that I thought it would be fun to give it a shot running as a candidate, and they wanted me to, so I put myself up for preselection. I've always loved politics. This year, it's a State election and I wanted to support my party in its efforts and I thought I could put myself up as a candidate. This time it's an Upper House position which is a better chance.

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