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Bringing Our Faith to Work
By : Dr Brian Edgar (Australian Evangelical Alliance)
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I never knew what a loss adjuster was until my after-church conversation with Max. I asked what he did for a living and was mystified by the idea of being ‘a loss adjuster’. But it made sense as he explained it. A loss adjuster is an independent assessor of the loss incurred by an insured business after, say, a fire has occurred. Insurance covers the business for physical losses and for loss of income while out of action. But calculating depreciation on factories and plant and the actual losses involved in the time before the business re-opens is a complex matter and it is easy for insurance companies and their clients to differ. A loss adjuster takes into account all sorts of factors including seasons and sale patterns, alternative sources, the condition of the factory and so on. But what was really difficult, as Max explained it, was the ethical dilemma created by the tension that can emerge between trying to do what is right not only by the business owner and the insurer but, sometimes, the police (a loss adjuster gets very deep into the state of the business and may find a motive for a fire that is not accidental) and one’s own employer (the company that wants a quick result to bring in more business).

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Comments / Feedback
Leigh Wilson
I ministered for 16 years as a chaplain in industry, and on behalf of ITIM (Inter-Church Trade and Industry Mission) I conducted sessions for Christians, helping them to deal with the issues which Dr Brian Edgar addresses in this article. Unfortunately, too few Christians realise the tremendous opportunity which their secular work offers them to be about the Lord's business.
A most useful resource, among many available is the "Word in Life" Bible published by Nelson.This has pithy articles, linked to appropriate Bible passages, on topics such as -Performance Review; Mentoring; Leadership Principles; Your workstyle;Family Expectations; Re-connecting Sunday and Monday; to anme just a few - a old mine of thought-starters for pastors wishing to take up Dr Edgar's challenge of addressing such issues from the pulpit.
Keith Skillicorn
Some Conservatives say - "We are not saved by 'Works" but by 'Faith'; but does that imply "Faith" is 'workless'? No way. True "Faith" is a total commitment to all that Jesus stood for - and to his very Life. It is dangerous to get involved with "Faith" - could cost you your life.
Ruth Macmillan
I am interested in Brian's assumption that only the paid or professional pastor/minister of a church will preach. The problem of disconnect he describes here is one reason it is so good to have lay members in a congregation exercising a teaching ministry. Of course, it is important for these teachers to be competent readers and interpreters of the Bible. If they are, their work lives can add a diversity of experience and perspective that help us see how the gospel can shape our own work lives and relationships.
Keith Skillicorn
Thanks Brian. I appreciate your emphasis that Faith must be acted upon. It is only then that True, Saving Faith becomes a Reality and not just a religious, intellectual assent or mere theology. Faith is when we emulate the Personality / Character / Very Life of Jesus and, having gained such a New Birth Experience, empathise with needy People in the Bloody Stream of Human Suffering where we come in contact with the "Blood" of Christ. In other words, Faith must be put into Practice / Action and then - may I dare say - Miracles take place. The Gospel is as simple as all that. There's a good book on this subject available from publishers LULU.COM. Just copy/paste the following URL into your browser to acquire "FAITH+ACTION=MIRACLE" at :-

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