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Q & A with John Franke
By : Nigel Pegram (EO, National Council of Churches of Christ)
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John Franke is the Professor of Theology at Biblical Seminary, Hatfield, Pennsyvania, USA. Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania brought John to Australia to speak to various leaders among their networks, including their ministers' refresher and other leaders. John was also able to speak with staff at the Australian College of Ministries, the Churches of Christ Theological College and Forge mission training network. While here, Nigel Pegram had a chance for a brief interview. NP: John, why are you in Australia? JF: I was invited to come by Paul Cameron and John Gilmore of Churches of Christ in Victoria and Tasmania after they had met me while on a tour of the USA to look at a range of missional ventures. We made a good connection then and they saw some real benefit in my coming here. NP: What's the goal? JF: I've never been to Australia, and I'm excited by the chance to come, to be part of the good missional things going on and to contribute and learn from it, and to meet new friends. A special part of it is the building of networks and conversation partners.

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