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Confessions of a Jesus Impersonator
By : Stuart White (Sanctuary Park, Qld)
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What do you do when a member of your church tells you she doesn’t see Jesus in you? I don’t think she was expecting the man from Nazareth himself, but at least enough of what she thought he is like to be evident in my life as a Christian leader. And she didn’t see it in me. What’s more she was honest enough to let me know. Once I got over the process of self-justification, self-righteousness, and self- (fill in the blank), I realized she had a point. I am an impersonator of Jesus. The latest TV ad selling the latest version of fried chicken shows a competition of Elvis impersonators. One contestant eats the latest product before going on, and in a (highly debatable) inspired moment ditches his routine for a hepped-up, hip-hop, funky modern rap. You can imagine the king turning in his grave. The caption: “For something original with a modern twist”.

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Comments / Feedback
Mark Wall
Yo Stuart!

I'm tired of playing the game, besides, it's obviously not working well, if at all.

So, what is it that causes us to put so much effort into so many things (imitations) to justify 'our' church existance at the cost of mission???

Mark Wall
Kadina Church of Christ S.A.

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