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My Daughter is a Homosexual
By : Ana Gobledale (Boronia, Vic)
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“My daughter is homosexual.” In some so called "Christian" circles, such a confession is unwelcome. But in my church, we have been welcomed as a family – all of us. And I thank God for that. Three years ago, we attended Boronia Church of Christ (Vic) for the first time. We were warmly welcomed. Boronia Church of Christ overflows with hospitality to newcomers! After six months, we considered joining. But we wondered if this could be a safe church family for us. Would we be met with love or hate? You see, my daughter is homosexual.

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Comments / Feedback
G Keeler
My first reaction to Ana's letter about her daughter's sexual orientation was negative. I went to Romans 1 where Paul speaks of things that were real then and are real today. Homosexuality is dealt with in verses 26 and 27 and would seem to put such in the 'no good basket'. Verse 28 suggests that as these people did not acknowledge Him, God gave them up. Chapter 2 then calls us not to
judge others. Fair enough. Does it, then, depend upon the acknowledgement of God? Are 'unnatural relations' condoned by God if the person concerned claims to be a child of God?
Were I still at Boronia, I would treat the lady with respect and hope that she did not partake in such practices as we see illustrated in so-called 'celebrations' in the often televised parades.
If we believe that Paul's writings are truly inspired by God, then we must take note of his teachings.
Geoff Keeler,
Nigel Mann
Thanks for sharing your fears, your heartache and how you felt welcomed as a family at Boronia.

What a wonderful witness to Christ’s radical hospitality. It reminded me of the kind of “honouring of rejected people” the church is called to offer in James 2. As the Epistle says, mercy triumphs over judgement.

How sad that your daughter has found some parts of the church isolating, hateful and even unsafe. We need to greet strangers not with diligent prayer that THEY would be changed, but prayer that together WE would be changed.
…Nigel Mann
Michael Briggs
It is extremely encouraging to hear that an inclusive and loving, or in other words, Christ-centred Church of Christ is in existence. I wonder at how many other people have been excluded, or are still being excluded by the few obscure verses of that seem to encourage discrimination against those who are different to the norm.

The alternative to following the ‘loving the other despite our cultural and personal boundaries’ that is modelled by Jesus in the gospels is to make other texts of the Bible our Lord. Perhaps we should exclude women who are menstruating, or people who wear clothes woven of the same fabric, or people who eat meat with blood in it, or women who speak in church, or people who wear glamorous clothing, or people who have not sold all that they have and given it to the poor. We could exclude those too, but I wonder if anything would be left.
Keith Skillicorn
Whether or not we should accept Homosexuals is a question of "Judgement". Many Christians believe that it is our ministry to "judge others in the name of God", but God the Father judges no one (Jn.5:22), and we are cautioned not to judge, lest we be judged (Matt. 7:1). So where is "Judgement"? All authority to Judge is granted to the Son - not because he is the Son of God, but BECAUSE HE IS THE SON OF HUMANKIND (Jn.5:27) . In other words, we are "judged" or measured-up against the Divine Humanhood or character of Jesus - the Perfect Pattern or Human Role model . It is in this capacity that we are commissioned to judge the world (1 Cor. 6:2), not in any "judgemental" way, but as the Incarnate representatives of Christ. This means that we must love even our enemies, including murders, rapists, terrorists, the despised, the rejected, people of other cultures and those with "deviate life-styles", including Homosexuals ! We may not love their habits, customs, actions or behaviour but we must love ("Agape" - love) them as persons, enough to die for them - just as Jesus did. In our Christian Assemblies, ALL people, including our Gay friends, should feel welcome and REALLY Loved. Nuff Sed .
Mark Daniel Riessen
Thankyou for sharing your heart and laying yourself out there vulnerable on such a critical issue. I hope that through my influencial leadership I may lead faith communities to respond in the same way, with the radical love and hospitality of Jesus.
In a recent conversation with the minister of Boronia we reflected in general terms on how many churches exclude people because they don't 'fit the mold'. What on earth have we become? Who do we represent?
We concluded that if anyone came to either one of our churches, they would not be turned away, but rather we would go out of our way to embrace them with our best expression of hospitality.
My prayer is that all people, as diverse and colourful their background is, will experience the church in the same way your family has through Bononia Church of Christ. After all, we are communities of sinners and broken people held together by the grace and love of God.
Alan Matheson
Sexuality is not an isue which CofC have been comfortable in discussing. Other churches,UCA and others have been encouraging their members to take a new look at the issues of gender,sexuality,family and scripture. A welcome step forward would be for Mark and the Boronia church to bring to the next annual business meeting of the Vic Conference a proposal that the Conference Council take steps to provide an opportunity for our congregations to explore and discuss the issue. Such steps could include putting up on the Vic Conference website some of the significant docs from the Anglican and UCA,requesting the AC to publish more articles,ensuring gender equity in all of the governance of the Vic Conference and a discussion paper on the issue for Conference discussion.

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