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Q & A with Al Hirsch
By : Craig Brown
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In the genteel grounds of Ridley College (with it's alluring money pit of a bookshop!), I was able to spend some time with missional leader Al Hirsch. The conversation ranged over numerous topics and as usual Al was more than generous with his time and in sharing his passionate belief in the missional church. CB: So, what's the new book about? AH: The Forgotten Ways is a follow up to The Shaping of Things to Come which was more of a world view type book, establishing the legitimacy of the emerging/missional church, gave it a language, that was its best service. This one here is a bit more prescriptive in that I feel more clear about the direction of the church. This book is an attempt to probe into the nature of apostolic movements, using the early church as an ancient example but also a contemporary example in the Chinese church. To find out what makes them tick using a phenomenological approach, and then having identified the elements that make them up, translate these into a modern context. CB: Is there a sense of freedom to write now that you don't have to take much time defending the legitimacy of the emerging/missional church? AH: You don't have to defend your ground.

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