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What Does An Emerging Leader Look Like?
By : Scott Vawser (Youth Vision, WA)
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I don’t know yet! They are still emerging. Seriously, this whole emergent thing has me beat. How can we define such a phenomenon except historically … in the future? But it is happening and it has caught our attention, so with my best David Attenborough voice I ask, What is this creature people are calling an emergent leader? Where are they found? What exactly is it that makes them tick? Come with me and we will see if we can discover just a fraction about this strange and elusive creature called the emerging leader… Emerging Leaders Think Like a Missionary not a Minister Many of the emerging leaders I have met and spoken with seem to operate out of a different paradigm than I have seen in the church in the past. They seem to think missiologically a long time before they ever begin to think ecclesiologically. In other words, they frame their thinking, their reading, their language as if they were missionaries, not church planters or church pastors.

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