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Leaving "Full Time Ministry" For Work?
By : Dr. Brian Edgar (Evangelical Alliance)
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Steve had achieved a lot as a pastor and had gained the respect of many people for his achievements in a number of ministry positions. Then he decided, quite consciously and deliberately, to leave what is usually called ‘full-time Christian work’ and enter what is sometimes referred to as ‘the secular workforce’. But this was no retreat from Christian ministry. He saw what he was doing as a continuation of full-time Christian work. It was just that he was now undertaking it in a different context. People would ask him, ‘Are you going to plant a church?’ as though the only real ministry for him was to start a new church in a different location. ‘No,’ he would reply, ‘I'm going to find friends.’

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Comments / Feedback
Keith Skillicorn
Let us hold fast to our Churches of Christ concept of Ministry as a "Priesthood of All Believers". In that regard, every sister and brother in Christ is in the "Full Time" Ministry, whether or not we have been "ordained" or had the privilege of being "theologically trained", although such academic Biblical skills can be a help. This is because the Real Ministry is that of Christ Himself - we are but the instruments or "earthen vessels". During my 31 years of service in India and Islamic Bangladesh, I had little opportunity of exercising a "sacred" or "clerical" Ministry but found that serving in a "lay" or "secular" capacity was far more evangelically successful. Maybe we need to "de-religionize" our Faith and give Christ more opportunity of incarnate involvement in our human dilemma. The "Plea" of our "Restoration Movement" is still very much valid, but needs to be "up-graded".

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