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Q & A with Stephen Said
By : Craig Brown
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Stephen Said first impressed me when at a Forge intensive he spoke on consumerism as the predominant faith in our society. Yet Stephen is not just a professional talker - he is active in raising awareness about social justice issues, participates in faith community that looks at trying church another way and is active in helping people recognise that they can be disciples in popular culture rather than disciples of popular culture. Just the sort of authentic guy you want in a Q & A. CB: It seems you can't move in church circles these days without hearing of a new emerging or missional church plant? Is this a wholly positive trend? SS: In the words of my missiology professor, "yes" and "no"! I picked up an article which was an advertisement for what I would consider a very introverted and conservative kind of church and they were talking about "missional" community. I just thought, "isn't it interesting that the language has been co-opted at every level". Some would say we still need to push that because it hasn't permeated the whole church, but I think it has. The [missional] language has been co-opted and potentially domesticated. In that sense it's a bad thing.

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