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Who Is Pastor Sir Douglas Nicholls?
By : Nigel Mann (Northern Community, Vic)
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In 1906, Douglas was born on the Murray River near Echuca in Yota Yota Country. He was raised at Cumeroo-gunga Mission Station and like most at the mission he had Aboriginal and European forbears. Twenty five years earlier in 1881, his grandfather had petitioned the NSW government for the return of their traditional land, but the request like so many since was denied. So the dispossessed boy was raised on the mission station until he was 14, when he then left home to work around the country. At 21, he decided to move down to Melbourne. He arrived with just a kitbag of clothes and at first made his home at the Queen Victoria markets. There he worked for the fruit and vegetable merchants by day and slept on a bed of cabbage leaves under the trestle tables at night.

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Comments / Feedback
Craig Brown
December 9th is the 100th anniversary of Sir Doug's seems appropriate then that there is this attention being placed on him. So what can we whip up it the space of a month to celebrate it?
Alan Matheson
Back in October it was suggested that the Vic Conference President, officers and Council take part in the Long Walk as an expression of solidarity.I was assured that they were working on it. The naming of one of the meeting rooms in the new Vic Conference centre, after Sir Doug, was rejected on the grounds that it was not appropriate.I'm now all out of ideas, so hope others will pick up Craig' plea.

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