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One, But We’re Not The Same...
By : Graham Johnston
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Five years ago, we embarked on an experiment to run an “unplugged, café style” worship service. This was going to be church for people who don’t like church. (How many times have we heard that statement in the past year?) Nine months later, we scrapped the whole mess. Our highest attendance figures came at the opening service. In the lead up, we had some interesting planning sessions. Some wanted a forum in which people could stand up to read their poetry or swear at God if they were angry with him. Others envisioned a throwback 60s style gathering with people sitting on the floor, someone strumming a guitar and children running around naked, like Woodstock without the drugs and mud.

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Comments / Feedback
Dot Healey
Good point Harold. New Age is an attraction because it apparently offers some spiritual reality that contemporary culture does not give them. Many/most of our churches do not allow God to be God. We don't give him space in our programmes. We have tamed God and put Him in a box of our own making - People who are searching, need to have a power encounter with an out-of-the-box God who is able to enter their reality, heal and transform their lives. That should be the church's challenge.
Harold Hayward
Very good. The "relevance" thing has got out of control. Why would people turn to a church which they see is merely an extensionsion of contemporary culture - particularly if contemporary culture is the source of their underlying spiritual alienation?

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