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Stuck In A Moment
By : Steve Turner (Qld Forge Director)
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I couldn’t get tickets to U2 no matter how hard I tried. I was on the internet, both mobiles and the landline, and that annoying engaged signal kept beeping at me. It was over, I’d missed out. Then Kirk - a good mate and you’ll soon see why - turns up just after my birthday to tell me he just had two tickets fall into his lap. I assured him how happy I was for him, and with that he gave them to me, saying ‘Happy Birthday mate'. Amazing, as I know how much he really wanted to go himself. My wife and I sat in the stands at ANZ Stadium in Brisvegas, where we had seen U2, 13 years before for their Zoo TV tour .

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Comments / Feedback
Wilton R Gray
Couldn't the writer use another emphatic word than that associated with a curse?
Craig Brown
From an editorial point of view, I have no problem with the words used in this article. I think the bigger issue at stake here is "will we take the resources God has given us to help make this world a better place?"
Alan Hirsch
What is Wilton referring to??
Wilton R Gray
Apoogies to Alan Hirsch, I answered to who instead of what I was refering to . It was the use of an expletive in the second last paragraph in the article "Stuck In a Moment"

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