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Changed Before Even Leaving The Country
By : Alison Bailey (Frankston)
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For me, DDP (the Discipleship Development Program), has lived up to the one thing that I was told it would be: a journey. I have journeyed through DDP in various ways, and have changed and grown as a result. I have more questions, and less answers, but I feel more fulfilled. I no longer know where God is taking my life and me, but Im generally okay with that, for once. I am more aware of my inconsistencies, in personality and theology, but Im beginning to realise that those inconsistencies make me who I am. And that by being aware of them I am better able to overcome or work with them. I have realised that asking questions about my faith is the best way to improve it, and that my faith in Jesus, is only really that; a faith in Jesus, if I am willing to ask such questions. I have also learnt that I am too concerned with I, with me, and that I can not truly be fulfilled, and truly be a disciple of Jesus unless my I is replaced with others.

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