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Letter to the Editor: A History of Food in Churches of Christ
By : Craig Brown
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A parable about our church: The grade fours were asked to bring a symbol of their religion for show-and-tell. The first child to present their show-and-tell stood up. He said, “My name is Joshua. I go to Beth Shalom synagogue and this is a Star of David.” The second child stood up. She said, “My name is Bernadette. I go to St Mary’s Catholic Church and this is a crucifix.” The third child stood up. He said, “My name is John. I go to the Church of Christ and this is a casserole.”

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Comments / Feedback
Denise Mundy
i don't think hobart ever produced a recipe book but i know for many years they ran a very successful catering programme which only concluded about 12 months ago when most of the women involved decided they were too old at 80+ and 90 + years of age! I'll ask my mum about a cook book. At 85 she was one of the committee stalwarts! Good luck with the research - I look forward to the reslts
G Keeler
Hi Kerry,
Have you been able to get a copy of Gordon Stirling's 'Down to Preside'? It's not about food but the 'mechanics' of leading communion well.
I have been leading that part of the service for many years both at Boronia and up here in Queensland - Caloundra at present. Over the years I have collected short 'communion talks' of around five minutes each which I would be willing to pass on - one recent one was entitled 'Crumbs from the Master's Table' which does mention food!
Best regards to the family.
Geoff keeler.

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