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Itís The Vibe
By : Graham Johnston
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Do you remember the now famous scene from the Australian classic, The Castle? Good aussie bloke, Darryl Kerrigan, is fighting to retain his house, his castle, from being annexed into the expanding Tullamarine Airport. His lawyer, Dennis Denuto, attempts to argue the case in a court of law and finds himself way out of his depth. When asked to cite grounds for his case, Denuto states, ďItís the vibe.Ē Heís no expert on constitutional law, but he senses - as do others - that what is happening to the Kerrigan family is unfair and unjust. He can't put his finger on it, but something isnít right. Research suggests that same kind of reaction takes place when newcomers and seekers enter into our church communities. Studies out of Canada indicate that these people are not critiquing the service, the preaching, or the facilities. In exit interviews, seekers could not always pinpoint what they liked or didnít like about the church community. It was communicated more in terms of what they sensed and experienced - the ďvibeĒ - that would lead them to return.

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