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All In The Family
By : Steve Turner (Qld Forge Director)
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One of the issues facing smaller faith communities who are seeking to be fluid and have an incarnational response in their localities is "how do we accommodate families with children?" Traditionally - dare I say it that there are traditions forming within post-modern missional communities - most of the talk and gatherings have centred around Gen Y, 20-35 year olds who haven’t yet ventured into the children market. True, this demographic is more accessible and has more time on their hands, is probably more open to change and spirituality, game, eager and flexible enough to give a new community lifestyle a go and from a missiologist’s perspective might be the group to target. Many, though, will one day choose, married or not, to have families - who will probably create havoc in the often sexy restaurant environments of some communities. A brief read of Acts shows the importance of families who come to faith together.

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Comments / Feedback
Linda Male
thank you Steve! Our family has been struggling with this issue, and looking for alternatives to "going to church" where parents get stressed out trying to control their children and children are bored and then sent out. It really is the monologues that cause the most problems. I've been part of a mothers organisation for over 20 years and we find that when conversation flows back and forth, babies sleep and children are calm. When we try to "download information" the babies cry and the children act up! We're still working on it, but your article gives us some hope, and encouragement to keep trying!

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