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Christian Projects Announces National Youth Ministry Conference Subsidy
By : Bruce Armstrong
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For many years, Christian Projects has supported the development of effective leadership within local Churches of Christ. This has included resourcing a variety of Church Pastors to attend Leadership 21 mission exposure trips and TeamFest events and subsidising some ministers who do leadership studies. Later this year, Christian Projects hopes to commence a new form of leadership support and development. In 2007, this commitment will extend towards the development of the younger generation of leaders within our movement. Christian Projects will help up to 100 youth leaders who are part of the Churches of Christ to attend the inaugural National Youth Ministry Convention on the Gold Coast, September 25-28, 2007.

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Comments / Feedback
Alan Matheson
As you note, Christian Projects has been around for a number of years,but for many of us it's still an unknown organisation. Some of the questions which I would be interested in being answered,include,Can we get a copy of an annual report and a copy of its financial report? Who are the directors,are they all men?Is it a company?" and "Who funds it?
I know that in the past it has funded senior ministers, mostly men,on regular trips overseas. And I note that it is funding young people to go to a conference led by 16 men and 2 women,and will be entertained by a group of "guys". I wonder,incidentally, why women would go to such a conference! Does Christian Projects have a biblical position on the role of women in our churches?
Keith Skillicorn
I would like to add a further word to Alan Matheson's comment. It is very sad that most religions, mainly controlled by "guys", regard women as less significant, specially when it comes to Leadership. That's because we mainly think of "Leadership" in terms of "Herdsmen" rather than uniquely, as a "Shepherd" - as is Jesus. In my 56 years of Ministry, I have discovered that it's mainly Women who have the "Shepherd Heart". When will we learn? Maybe the following website will reveal just how Jesus related to women :-
Stephen Parker
G’day Alan

That was a very interesting comment to make in the irenic AC. I’m the person that negotiated with Christian Projects regarding this subsidy for leadership development– which I am incredibly grateful for. I’ve never seen their financial or annual reports, but they’ve never asked me or my Church for money, so I’m not sure why I would need to have access to that information.

As to the gender balance of the NYMC – I see what you mean! After we had recruited all of the speakers, we noticed that there far more gentlemen than ladies on the list. I must admit I was a bit disappointed by that imbalance, but we had never sought to ensure there was even representation across denominations, ministry philosophies, theological positions, genders, states, ethnicities or political parties. Instead we aimed for exceptional communicators who also had a message worth communicating to the ladies and gentlemen who give their lives to God’s work amongst youth. Perhaps we erred. (See for the full list)

My hope is that the esteemed ladies who do join us for professional development, networking and refreshment will be more equipped for their vital ministries. Who knows, the National Youth Ministry Convention may even be a tool to redress the gender imbalance in ministry!

Anyway, I’m glad that you’re taking an interest in youth ministry.

Best wishes

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