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Q & A with Merrill Kitchen
By : Craig Brown
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With Churches of Christ Theological College (CCTC) starting a year of festivities to celebrate its 100th Anniversary, The Australian Christian thought it appropriate to sit down with College Principal, Merrill Kitchen, for a wide ranging chat. CB: With the recent symposium at CCTC, has there been much reflection on the role of CCTC in the past 100 years? MK: I think different people are reflecting in different ways. There are some who revisited things in their lives that had remained hidden. Sometimes there was rejoicing in something that was being re-appreciated. There were others who were bored by the whole thing and probably turned up once and didn't again. But it was the right thing for a particular group of people at the right time. This is a year of celebration, and there'll be other events that will be appropriate for other people during the year. CB: It's still early in the 100th anniversary celebrations, but were there any thoughts about the input of CCTC over that period of time? MK: The thing that came out most of all was the recognition of how much it had changed, how different it was now from...whenever they were there. Not in terms of 'how sad that it's changed' but that change was appropriate for different times, different moments in history. Generally there seemed to be pleasure that the changes were occurring, and the relevance of those changes to the contemporary life that they were experiencing.

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