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CDP Says: "No More Muslims"
By : Craig Brown
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We are a nation with an ever-changing face. Our voice is increasingly one of different inflections and accents, a mix of languages, ideas and customs. Our expression of faith is diverse: churches, mosques, temples, sporting arenas - you name it, we worship in it or at it. This is Australia in the twenty first century. This, if you like, is what it is like to live in a modern democracy. Our politics, too, are shifting, particularly post 9/11. Our government speaks of "integration" over "multiculturalism". Minority political parties increasingly position themselves according to what they are against, rather than what they are for. The major parties court conservative blocks, keenly aware that churches, for example, can sometimes vote en masse, making their concerns highly sought after and pandered to. However, with public comment and public policy comes public accountability and responsibility.

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Comments / Feedback
Mark Butler
Thanks for an insightful article Craig. Given that a number of Christians (and Churches of Christ folk) would be supporters of Rev Nile and the CDP, it is important to invite an open critique of policies such as these coming from a party that claims a Christian foundation. Like you, I do not believe this policy reflects the teaching and example of Jesus or the relational values of the Gospel. We do nothing to advance the cause of the Gospel by abandoning its core values in our responses to minority ethnic and religious groups in our society. Neither do we promote healthy Christian family values through policies that seem prejudicial and xenophobic. Thankyou for reminding us what the Gospel calls us to be and do as followers of Jesus, in our response to those we might call strangers in our midst.
Keith Skillicorn
Yes, there is much concern about the spread of Islam within Aussie society and much of the concern is being spread by those who have no idea what Islam is all about. Many "politically correct" people have read none of the Koran / Hadith, as have most Muslims, even the so called "Moderates". Before we discuss Islam in any measure, we should understand the ideology that is now challenging not only the Church, but civilization itself. As one who has spent 31 years living in or near to Islamic communities in India and Bangladesh, I have developed close relationships with Muslims right across the spectrum - from "fundamentalists" to "moderates" - some of the latter being my close friends. Let us first at least read ALL the Koran, specially as it relates to the Gospel and realize that many of my Muslim friends are desperately seeking enlightenment. Please access the following website to read the Koran / Hadith at - - and, through its many links, gain insight into what will soon be the dominant authority worldwide, with its Shariah Law. FEAR NOT because "Perfect ("Agape") Love (of Jesus) casts out all fear"

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