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What Do Youth Know About War And Sacrifice?
By : Gavin Jones (SA State Youth Minister)
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As a youth minister, it is challenging to write an article on the theme of war and sacrifice. War and sacrifice is something foreign to the generation of young people growing up in Australia today. Sacrifice – the notion of putting another’s interests before yours – is almost a completely alien concept. Indeed, the only war the youth of today can remember is a pre-emptive one: a war fought not because it was justified or helped others – it is a war fought for our own interests – to make us feel safe. As western young people ‘sacrifice’ is not a common part of our experience. We have grown up in a world where we are consistently told that the most important person in the world is you. Our parents have often modelled this attitude, and big business has a vested interest in perpetuating this idea. Society tells us that our own personal happiness is the ultimate aim in life.

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Comments / Feedback
Peter Cole
Thanks Gavin for this challenging article. Our youth are constantly bombarded with ideas that are selfish and self-serving. As a church we need to help them see life as Jesus taught and encourage them to live in the way that Jesus calls.
Blythe and Irene Mann
I have just read Incarnational Playgroups
By : Yvette Wynne and at first I thought these 2 articles were contradictory but they are rather two sides of the same coin.

Thanks to both of you


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