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Should We Be Pacifists?
By : Gary Hills (Qld)
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WWJD. What would Jesus do? Faddish evangelical clichés notwithstanding, it is a good question. Simple, direct, compelling. And while the answers - or further questions! - it evokes are often complex, nuanced and controversial; for me, as an aspiring follower of Jesus, this must at least be the primary question. So, when facing the vexed range of ethical issues relating to the use of violence, my point of reference is to ask, “What would Jesus do?” For me, there is no getting around His call to follow His lead - carrying a cross not a sword – meeting hatred with love; accepting suffering, but not inflicting it; overcoming evil with good. I do not presume to ask or answer ethical questions for you. We must ask these questions for ourselves, and seek answers in accordance with a well-formed and well-informed conscience… Will I participate in activities that intentionally violate others; whether they be ‘friends’ or ‘enemies’? Would Jesus? More specifically, will I carry a weapon, even if sanctioned by my government, in order to protect the security of my nation, as if national security was God’s priority? Would Jesus?

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Comments / Feedback
Keith Skillicorn
Thanks Gary. I agree. I would like to be a pacifist and follow the example of Jesus. The problem I face is this - "What if my wife and children were raped, tortured and murdered before my very eyes"? What would I do? Would I fight to protect them? What would Jesus do ? If I were totally single in this cruel world, I might even find the Strength to be a true Pacifist but, unfortunately, we live in a world of relationships and at times might have to fight DEFENSIVELY. During W.W.11, I served for 4 years in the RAAF so have had to face this question. The time has come for us Infidels to again meet this challenge. What must be our response to never-ending W.W.111 which has already begun ? Go to and decide whether you are to be a pacifist or not. THE TIME HAS COME - WE ARE NOW AT WAR. In this situation - "What would Jesus do"? Every person in the "free" , democratic world must now face this vital question.

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