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The Art Of Incarnational Mission: Go Near And Go Deep
By : Craig Brown
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One of the recent Dangerous Stories 2 highlights was the workshop presented by Darryn Altclass of Third Place Communities. TPC is based in Hobart, Tasmania, around the idea of incarnational mission, or as Darryn put it so neatly, the belief that to "go near" is more effective than to say "come here". Beginning with the story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8), we were privileged to gain an insight into mission from a real practitioner. Using Philip as an example of someone who dared to "go near", Darryn used that metaphor to explore incarnational mission. He advised the group to "simplify the missional impulse" and to "maximize the incarnational". Darryn’s concern is that it’s easy to spend too much time on the outward missional movement leaving little time for deepening relationships. He suggested, “the missional impulse crucial as it sends God’s people out into the hub of life. But this is only the beginning. The incarnational impulse leads Christians deeper into the lives of people and culture.

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