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Do You Have To Be Crazy To Foster Teens?
By : Fiona Adams (Youth For Christ)
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“We think you’re crazy!” is the reaction that Martin and Amanda Carruthers received from their friends when they decided to become foster carers shortly after getting married in 2003. Their families and friends had difficulty understanding why they would chose to live a life that was in no way “normal” for a young married couple. Determined to follow their calling, they didn’t let this deter them from what they felt fitted with their gifting and what God was clearly calling them to do. Fortunately, it didn’t take their family and friends long to see the importance of what they were doing and the impact they were and still continue to have on young lives. Lives which have often lacked stable relationships and a place they could call home. Martin and Amanda’s families, friends and church couldn’t be more supportive of what they are doing through providing out-of-home care for teenagers who are unable to live with their families. “Our parents are all interested in what we do, and provide good emotional support. They are also very welcoming to our kids, and make them feel welcome and loved by inviting them along with us to family birthdays, Christmas functions, and even the occasional trip to the beach.”

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