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E-Mails to the Editor: 40th Anniversary Of Referendum On Aboriginal Rights
By : Alan Matheson
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Dear Editor, May 27th: What it could mean? Doug Nicholls, pastor and black activist,stood before a Sydney crowd(1) on April 29 1957, and announced the referendum campaign. For the next ten years, Nicholls was in every street demonstration, deputation and public meeting, agitating, promoting and demanding a referendum on Aboriginal recognition and rights. May 27 2007, marks the fortieth anniversary of that referendum(2). I suspect that Nicholls preaching today in one of our churches, would still be angry with our feeble efforts to ensure the recognition and well being of Aboriginal communities.

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Comments / Feedback
Graham Carslake
Thanks for that reminder Alan.
I pass on some of the positive things that are happening in WA. ACIM are recording all they can of the stories of children from our homes in the past and then what has been their continuing story in life (eg of Andy Drummond from Carnarvon, came and worked at our Morawa farm when I went away to COB. He later died in the Vietnam war effort). They are writing this up now.
At our new aged care project in Carnarvon called SCOPE, we will employ local people and aim to use the splendid resource paper on Aboriginal Cultural Awareness from local indigenous person, Dawn Gilchrist who comes from one of our local churches. This is now a basic resource in WA hospitals.
Be very good to see due recognition given to people like Doug and Stan and Lance and Bob and their stories told today.
John Somerville
Thanks Alan. Keep up the good work.
Perhaps you could meet Sonny Graham and write up his story.

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