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Popping the Question
By : Graham Johnston (Subiaco WA)
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Imagine with me that a single, close friend has been seeing the same woman for almost a year. He decides it’s time to pop the question, to propose marriage. He plans a romantic evening and gets an engagement ring and flowers. He’s all set for the big occasion. When the time rolls around, seated for two in an elegant restaurant, he declares, “Mary, will you marry me?” She rolls her eyes and replies, “Well, if you had asked me to three weeks ago, I would have said ‘yes’ but now I’m not so sure.” How would you counsel your friend? Would you say, “I guess you blew it. You had a window of opportunity but mate, you missed it.”? Or might you say, “If she was prepared to commit her life to being with you three weeks ago, she should be willing to do so today.” Followed by, “If she was prepared to commit to you three weeks ago but she’s not sure now, frankly, you’re better off with her.” How many times have you heard well meaning people suggest, “The moment was right for an invitation, and you didn’t give it. Now someone might be lost for eternity!”

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