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On Suffering
By : Bruce Warwick
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I was led to a guided reflection on suffering. My first thought: “The last thing I feel like right now is working through the theology of human suffering!” The first sentence pointed out that there are ‘continents of suffering’ in our world and then moved to the observation that indeed every individual person is in some way involved in human suffering. I stopped right there. I reflected on this. Is this true? Maybe not abject suffering for everyone, but certainly some pain – physical, emotional, spiritual – some wounding. I was invited to stay with this thought – attend to it, have a good look around inside it: pain is the common experience of every human being. I’ve recently moved to a new community. I’ve got to know a few dozen people. I began to think of each one by name. Listed them individually.

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Comments / Feedback
Keith Skillicorn
Thanks Bruce, for raising the issue of "suffering" which must be at the very heart of our Ministry with Jesus. This does not mean that we have to wear hair shirts or practice self flagellation, but rather to SHARE (koinonia / communion / fellowship) with our Lord something of the pain he endured in his own ministry. All this is in relation to others - PEOPLE - in the Bloody Stream of Human Suffering, where we come into contact with the saving "Blood" of Jesus. This is where true HAPPINESS is found - Col.1:24 - when we make up that which is "lacking" in Christ's Calvary experience by sharing his Cross in human relationships. In fact, our very relationship with the Lord is conditional upon the way we share in his sufferings. (Rom.8:17). Frightening, isn't it ?

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