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The Wonder Of The Cosmos
By : Kristen Hobby
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I was lucky enough to attend the Spiritual Directors International conference in Vancouver in April this year. The keynote speaker was Brian Swimme, a mathematical cosmologist on the graduate faculty of the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. He brings a unique perspective to the understanding of the 13.7-billion-year trajectory of cosmic genesis, viewing humanity as having evolved out of, and being an integral part of, the universe as a whole. He is a very engaging speaker who had all 500 Spiritual Directors completely absorbed in the wonders of creation. He spoke about Stephen Hawking being the first person to discover that the universe is expanding, but expanding at exactly the right rate. A fraction faster and the whole universe would be blown apart, a fraction slower and it would all stop and freeze. He then quoted Pierre Teilhard de Chardin who said “it was as if someone knew we were coming”.

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Comments / Feedback
Ana Gobledale
Thanks to Kristen for opening up this expansive discussion of God's expansive creation! Her workshops should prove inspiring.
John Somerville
Fantastic reference to Brian Swimme. His website contains a lot of great material.

I highly recommend and thank Kirsten for her article. Hopefully she will come West .

What about it 'young woman'
we need some social justice here too???
John Somerville

Here is the reference to Brian Swimme.
Explore and enjoy. John

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